I became interested in the General Electric Company at Hanford in 1963 because of my background in radiological science at the University of Washington. I worked with radioactive isotopes in the laboratory, earning two patents for recovering valuable metals such as rhodium, palladium and technetium from radioactive waste tanks.

I wrote the first plan of characterizing the ecosystem for the 200-areas in 1973. I managed process engineering at the Plutonium Finishing Plant followed by creating and managing the first Environmental Protection Section within the 200 areas. In 1988 I helped write the new DOE order on Waste Management and wrote the Hanford sub-tier orders for DOE-RL.

From 1990 to 1995 I was the technical manager of the Safety Analysis Report Technical Review Group (SAR-TRG) that reviewed SARs across the DOE Complex. My team’s review was required before DOE-HQ would approve SARs for tank farms and glass plants at Savannah River, West Valley, Idaho Falls and Hanford. For five years I spent one week a month visiting DOE sites or working in Washington DC at DOE Headquarters. After my early retirement in 1996, I worked part time for DOE-HQ until 2003.

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